Improving Your Posture

Joe Holder Teaches Fitness and Wellness Fundamentals

[ Official Trailer MasterClass] Whether you’re young, whether you’re old, age is literally just a number. What’s important is making sure to move and move well. All I need you to do is follow me and believe in yourself. I was a college football player. I had an injury.

I hurt my ankle really bad. I had depression. I needed to fix my body and my emotional state if I was going to physically heal. I realized my work was going to be working on myself and seeing how I could then impact other people. My personal fitness and wellness philosophy is called The Ocho System.

It focuses on putting physical health first and then seeing how that applies to other areas of personal wellness to produce the best results. It’s flexible, and it can meet you where you are.

So you want to do the bare minimum to be effective to really expedite your goals. Let’s just be better consistently every day. [ Official Trailer MasterClass] In this MasterClass, you’re going to be an active participant in your wellness practices.

So I’m going to teach you about nutrition and then, also, how to actually create your workouts. Let’s go. So I know what you’re thinking. I try to flex my bicep. I don’t see anything.

Well, that doesn’t mean you don’t have muscles, okay? Everybody has muscle. I hope you get a little bit more or uncover the muscle that you already have as you get stronger, you feel better. A little bit of muscle and a little bit of strength goes a long way as we age. When we talk about eating with intent, what I want you to realize is when we eat, it has a purpose.

Research shows if I chop up broccoli and let it sit for about 90 minutes, it unlocks the compound in the broccoli that could help control your blood sugar and has anti-cancer properties. All right, I would say good luck, but you don’t need luck because you’re already here. You’ll just show up and put in the work. Let go of your concept of trying to be perfect. You may be normal weight.

You may be overweight. You may be underweight.

It doesn’t matter. You have a body. You’re alive.

Thank yourself. At the end of the day, you just need you. I’m Joe Holder, and this is my MasterClass. [ Official Trailer MasterClass].

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