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Why Time goes Faster as you get Older

To Slow Down Time

How to Slow Down Time As we approach the end of the year, look back and ask yourself, Will it go out at just a blink? Or was it a year longer than ever? Well the answer often depends on our time. Hey, friends brainwashing, I’m Aaron Tupaz from positively Brainwashd In this video I promise to teach you practical ways to slow down your perception of time To make your life next year my imagination ever. To start, you need to know the difference between objective or fixed time versus subjective or brain time.

# Specific time is simply the clock our world passes. And brain time is how fast or slow we personally see time. Just notice that I’m not here to discuss Einstein’s theory of relativity. Now, if you’re ever in a life-threatening situation, like a car accident, falling off a roof or got into a fight, I had felt that time slowed down. This is because all your brain resources become intensely focused on survival During control or escape scenarios. More specifically, the amygdala, part of the brain connected with memory and emotion It becomes due to dimensions, tell the brain to record more details than usual.

# And because the brain creates these dense memories of those terrifying moments, When you later look back on the experience, there are a lot of “footage” naturally to work through This makes the experience look like it lasted longer than it actually is. On the other hand, if you don’t do anything new, like your usual day job, Then there are less resources needed for the brain. This makes your mind go on leading cars causing it not to actually record anything. So when you think back to that moment later, it’s like it didn’t really happen. There’s something called a whimsical effect, and I’m going to show you 5 pictures Now you’ve felt that I showed you a flower a little longer than shoes, And if you do, then you know that’s all in your head. The truth is, as we get older there’s not much new information to take in, You’ve seen all the patterns before, so the mind creates shortcuts. It’s like they see nothing but brown shoes all day long.

# Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, this can be useful for working in the real world, But the truth is, our first experiences form our identity. When we are young, we have experienced many things first. We are still trying to discover the rules of the world, Think of the first day of school, Learn to ride a bike, your first dance, your first job, or your first break up. Your first kiss was probably the world for you, and something else in the world matters So the secret is to put yourself in situations where you always learn or suffer from something new.

# Like, try to put your watch on your other wrist, this will shake your neural network. Meet new people and lead the house from work in a different way. Because right now probably records the drive at zero time. You could rearrange your office or take a new class. My personal favorite is to use my less prevalent hands more often, or sometimes my feet …. Now if you watch many of my other videos I often talk about consistency and do the same thing over and over again that is great for increasing productivity and getting great results. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have routine and mix things up at the same time. For example: I try to workout every morning, But I’ll spin the wheel to determine how many push-ups I need to do. I also do this to determine when my breaks will be, How will I reward myself for getting the work done, And sometimes when will you spend on social media and so on. I personally like Wheels because it makes life like a game, this is always fun But make sure you still only focus on one task at a time for multitasking only makes time and speed up, So as not to improve productivity.

# So learn to say no often, not to juggle many things Next if you want to remember more, then simply move over. Don’t always watch Netflix every day in the same room, get up and move. Take a dance class or go jogging around your neighborhood behaves different ways each time. Another way to slow down time is by planning a trip and having an expectation Just for booking Bulgarian air at the last minute. And what’s funny about trips is that you can have gone for weeks or months, Experiencing new activities or cultures, and it may feel like an eternity for you when you look back, But when you return people may not even notice you leave.

to slow down time# Because for them, time was moving faster. Now what about the adage, “Time flies when you’re having fun?” Do not contradict how fun holidays are supposed to slow down time? Well that’s why it’s important to know the difference between a prospective time and a retrospective time. A potential time occurs when you are in the moment, and your mind is predicting what will happen next. When you are busy and a lot happens, your mind no longer attends to another at that moment. You’re not checking your watch or watch until the time seems to pass quickly. If you’ve ever been a waiter or waitress on a busy night, you know your shift can just fly by fast Your mind is super focused on customer service and what your next task is, that you forget around the clock.

# Then there is a retrospective to slow down time which occurs in situations that lack stimuli to engage the brain. If you’re in a boring meeting, or on a long journey, Your mind is deeply attuned to time because you always check your watch every 10 minutes or so. You have a little else to do besides watching tick ticks before, making time seem to slow down the way. Therefore, time doesn’t fly when you’re having fun and experiencing something new, But when you look back, it will stretch into your memory. Compare this when you’re bored in class, watching the clock every minute. It is possible to feel it forever while in a moment, But you won’t remember much of them later in the week. So if you want to slow down time in an instant, then all you have to do is just to improve your awareness. Take a deep breath throughout your day and become in tune with here and now. Next, there are research findings that have shown drugs can change our perception of time.

# Now I do not support anything, this is only for educational purposes But there is an experiment where the rat was trained to pull the arm every 12 seconds to get food. The mice who were given cocaine pulled out faster, suggesting that time quickly hit them, The mice that were ever given Marujuana took longer than 12 seconds to pull it, Suggesting that time slowed down for them. Finally, there is always a keeping diary or magazine that you can look into from time to time, To help you remember events.

# I personally keep winning the magazine where I just write down the positive to slow down time things that happened with me every week. As you can say, this video is not about how to live longer, It’s about how it looks like you live longer. So don’t let the remaining year or be the next set of brown shoes. Mix things up, go on more adventures, Then go the dream job you’ve always wanted and finally ask that person you like, And make the next year and all the years ahead of you better than ever. So when I was old and gray, I could look back and say “I had a great life” Now I want to know in the comments below, how fast did this year or go past for you? Thanks for watching if you liked this video then choose one of the following options You can either a), subscribe & quot B), listen to carry their share over there and show that you care C), watch my latest video Or D)…


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To Slow Down Time

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