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Fix Pain and Musculoskeletal Problems Amatsu Body Alignment Therapy

Body Alignment

body alignmentThis covers many problems, from sports injuries to older adults and musculoskeletal issues—bad backs. The biggest reason for pain is nerve entrapment.
And meridian pressure. We clear all those alignments out and rebalance the whole facia, the whole alignment of the body, which results in less inflammation, better mobility, and a massive reduction in pain. What’s unique about this particular approach is we align the whole body.

So, we’re looking at bone structure, organ position, and facial, which have only recently been studied in internet science. The facial is the part of the body that holds us together. We work with fascia and meridian points, so we’re using pressure on those points.

Gentle realignment is the gentle mobility of the muscles to align the body and bring about well-being. Mass therapy is a branch of traditional Japanese medicine, and this particular school, an ancient school of which Dr Masaaki Hatsumi, formerly Yoshiaki Hatsumi, is the founder of the Bujinkan Organization and the former Togakure-ryū soke (grandmaster), translates as the school of the opening flower.

But it’s about self-preservation, self-wellness, and well-being. Over the 30 years it has taught us, we have underpinned it with scientific Western science that validates it. It’s an ancient Japanese therapy that’s been around for a while. It has a heritage of about 3000 years, and I’m one of three Westerners taught directly by Doctor Hatsumi, who went to schools down. It’s a physical therapy that uses pressure point therapy on meridians.

We work with ligaments. We work with fascia. Furthermore, we are free of body restrictions. We call it a body alignment. Very, very successful. Easy to learn, very pragmatic, and looking for recruitment. For our A ma practitioner course, we teach via Zoom lessons, distance learning, and workshops. So you can learn while you’re still at work. We teach you how to build a successful business; all our previous practitioners have very successful companies. And so we’re offering this course to teach you the change in therapy. Now, during the course, we have Zoom sessions. We have distance learning and workshops and then ongoing support. We help you get your business going. All of that. It’s a complete package. So if you’re interested, we need people in different areas because we’re constantly turning people away.
After all, we can’t fulfil the requirements.

Since COVID, we have found that many people have a more significant need for this realignment. It helps to boost the immune system. It’s getting rid of painful conditions. Inflammation. Um, we need more practitioners. We’re all very, very busy. We need practitioners in different parts of the country, and we’re looking to recruit. I’ve had to come out of retirement. Dennis Bartram here. I’m 73 years of age, and I’ve had to return from retirement because of the need. Please promote this and make this into a profession that you can be proud of.

So for more information, you can go to our website,

Is there anything you need to know? You can contact us to learn more about the course.

Body Alignment

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