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Body Water Am I Really 60% Water

Actual Measurement Of Body Water Percentage

Probably, you’ve heard many times that, on average, the body of an adult human being contains 60% water. Actually, it’s about 60% for men and about 52% for women, since women have a higher percentage of body fat. And the body of a newborn is composed of 75% water and that of an elderly person is 50%.

So Actual Measurement of Body Water Percentage, I wanted to figure out how much water my body actually contains and whether I’m closer to a newborn or to an elderly person. Coming up!

Hi, this is Andrey and the Practical Health channel. If you’re new to the channel, consider subscribing. Actual Measurement of Body Water Percentage Water is a critical part of our life and ourselves. It’s a vital nutrient to the life of every cell, it regulates our body temperature, it helps in flushing waste and it has many other critical functions in our body. Though on average we are 60% water our vital organs have a high percentage of water.

The brain, the lungs, the heart, the liver, and the kidneys contain between 65 and 85% water. Actual Measurement of Body Water Percentage

To understand the actual percentage of water in my body, I got a full-body bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) at a local Equinox gym in Palo Alto. The device sends an electric current through the body and, based on body resistance, provides the percentage of body water. So the test showed me that my body is 65% water or to be precise 65.2% of my body is water.

About 106 pounds of my weight is pure water! Amazing! So it looks like my body water percentage is higher than average. The key explanation is that the more muscular body is, the more water it contains. So since my body contains only about 12% fat, the water is a relatively high percentage of my body.

By the way, conversely, the more fat the body contains, the less water the body contains – body fat actually has only 10% water.

So, as you can see, I’m closer to a newborn than to an elderly person. Actually, I kind of suspected that. Also, the test provided an interesting point – about 66 pounds or 62% of all my body water is intracellular water, and about 40 pounds or 38% of my body water is extracellular water or ECW that includes plasma fluid and interstitial fluid. Actual Measurement of Body Water Percentage So my ECW to TBW ratio is 0.

375 that is right in the middle of the recommended range. A value closer to 0.36 or below is commonly observed in athletes and reflects more intracellular water, lean body mass, and strong cellular nutrition retention. Conversely, a value close to 0.39 means greater extracellular water, body fat mass, inflammation/ water retention, and dehydration. Actual Measurement of Body Water Percentage If your ECW/ TBW ratio exceeds 0.4, it is recommended that you see your physician. Therefore, maintaining the water balance in your body is very important! Ok, that’s it for today.


I hope you found this video interesting.

Do you know your body water percentage? Stay hydrated! Thank you for watching, see you next time. Bye..


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Actual Measurement Of Body Water Percentage

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