Best Practices for Anxiety Treatment | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

know let’s look at if you had a best relationship what would it look like okay you know warden June  Cleaver we got that now how realistic is that you know let’s look at you know rephrasing this  a little bit so it’s less extreme you know warden June Cleaver never fought their kids were perfect  you know all those extreme words let’s look at what’s real what happens in real relationships encourage people to identify who would be a good partner in supportive relationships  I’m not meaning necessarily romantic I’m meaning friends and where they can be found you know where  would you find people that you could be friends with and encourage them to play though what does  it mean when game cuz a lot of times again this goes with mine reading you know what does it mean  when your friend doesn’t return your text right away what does it mean when your friend cancels  dinner on Friday night what does it mean when you see where I’m going with this and a lot of  times clients with anxiety and rejection issues and low self-esteem will go to the worst-case  scenario so encourage them going back to finding the exceptions what else could have been happening  what else could it be that caused this and it’s not about you so anxiety is a natural emotion that  serves a survival function excessive anxiety can develop from lack of sleep nutritional problems  neuro chemical imbalances failure to develop adequate coping skills cognitive distortions low  self-esteem and a variety of other stuff recovery Ambala involves improving health behaviors  make sure your body’s functioning and make the neurotransmitters it needs and you know release  them as needed identify and build on current coping strategies address cognitive distortions  and develop a healthy supportive relationship with self and others if you enjoy this podcast please  like and subscribe either in your podcast player or on youtube you can attend and participate in  our live webinars.

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