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Theragun PRO vs. Theragun MINI: Which is

Theragun PRO orTheragun MINI?This comparison between the PRO and the MINI might not be fair as both massagers are in different  categories but I thought it would be fun to put them side by side and see where they are lacking  and where they excel.the Theragun PRO has two colors blue or red with a stall force of 60 pounds  and an amplitude of 16 millimeters.The Theragun MINI has three colors, 20 pounds of stall force  and an amplitude of 12 millimeters.Both massagers deliver percussive therapy.The first difference  that stands out besides the shape and size of both devices is the amplitude of each.The higher  the amplitude, the deeper the message is going to be.This means that the MINI does not go as  deep as the PRO does.With a stall force of 20 pounds the MINI also cannot sustain a strong  enough pressure on the area to treat.

The Theragun PRO Handheld Percussion Massager Is The Best

Indeed, a force above 20 pounds will make the motor stop.  The PRO on the other hand goes 60 percent deeper, at least as advertised on the Therabody website,  and this allows it to reach those deep tissues really well.The Theragun PRO does come with  six head attachments.Both the PRO and the MINI have a battery that lasts 150  minutes per charge but the PRO does take the lead over the MINI in this category as well  as it comes with not just a removable battery but also two of them.This is a big plus because  you have the opportunity to never run out of battery when you need a massage.All you have to  make sure of is that both batteries are always charged so that you could switch when needed.  A removable battery is also a big plus in the event that the battery becomes damaged.  With the PRO you just don’t have an extra battery but also you can obtain more.

The MINI vs the PRO: Which is louder?

With the MINI, when the battery is damaged the massager is done for and you will need to replace the entire  unit.As far as the noise is concerned both the PRO and the MINI are built with a motor that uses  Quietforce™ technology.The PRO being a bigger model does have a bigger and more powerful motor , which means that it is also louder than the MINI. And to demonstrate I’m going to have both of them  turned on and brought closer to the microphone so that you could judge or hear yourself, and  i want to also note that the PRO comes with five speeds while the MINI has three.But I will make  sure that i will put them at the same speed as I compare.That means that with the PRO I will run  only three speeds.Here we go, with the MINI we are at level one which is speed of 1750 percussions per minute.Now the PRO at seventeen hundred and fifty percussions per minute.Now level two at 24… 2100 percussions per minute.The MINI and the pro. 2400 percussions per minute.

Theragun PRO Massager: The Best Handheld Percussion Muscle

The MINI The PRO.It is also to note that each device does get louder with the speed level, which means that  the higher the speed level the louder each device will get.Both the PRO and  the MINI come in some sort of carrying case or carrying bag.The Theragun PRO does have this  carry case which is sturdy and very well built while the Theragun MINI comes in this gel pouch.When Therabody released the new massagers in May 2020 they also released the Therabody  app which has routines to follow while using the massager.However, the MINI does not have Bluetooth®  connectivity or any smart feature.The app is still useful in this case with easy to follow routines.  The PRO does come with smart features including Bluetooth® connectivity.Within the app you can use  the preset treatments on yourself or you can enter your own.

Theragun MINI: A Cheap and Effective Portable Massager

Though the PRO has five set speeds the  Thrabody app lets you select any speed between 1750 percussions per minute and 2400 percussons  per minute.Another advantage that the PRO has that the MINI does not is the ability to rotate the arm.  Indeed, the PRO’s arm can be set to four different positions, making it target every muscle from  virtually any angle.Last but not least, the PRO also has the ability to charge wirelessly.  As far as the price is concerned the Theragun MINI costs 199 us dollars while the PRO  costs 599 dollars.At 199 us dollars the MINI is definitely the cheapest Theragun on the market,  at least at this time, and if you want a Theragun just for the sake of owning a massage gun  with that name then the MINI will be for you.This doesn’t mean that the MINI is  to be discarded besides that; it does provide good message whether at home or on the go.

Therabody launches MINI muscle massager- perfect for athletes

However, if you are a high performing athlete for instance, then the MINI is not for you as  it will not deliver you the deeper message that you need for proper recovery.Both the PRO  and the MINI have good features.Again, they are in different categories but they complement each  other.The PRO is suited for everybody whether you lead a sedentary life or are an athlete.It comes  well packaged and well loaded.The smart features and the rotating arm are the icing on the cake.  However, 599 us dollars might be overpriced depending on where you stand as expensive  is subjective.On the other hand, with the kind of budget that Therabody have they can afford to  position themselves as leaders in the massage gun industry and therefore price their products as  high or low as they want.Unlike the PRO the MINI is not for everybody.

Theraguns deliver deep percussive massage to help you stay

It is for you if you are a  beginner with massage guns or you lead a sedentary lifestyle, or exercise somehow to keep healthy.  Because of the 20 pounds stall force the MINI is definitely not for high performing athletes  as it would not deliver the deep massage that they need for proper recovery.One may think that  Theraguns are overpriced in general compared to other massagers on the market.While that may be  true to some extent it is also true that Theraguns delivers percussive therapy while most massagers on the market deliver vibration therapy. Both the Theragun PRO and MINI are great percussive massagers and they can be owned together to complement each other.The MINI is definitely  a good companion to its biggest brother the PRO.Thanks for tuning in and see you in the next video..

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