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take you for a sequence of file movements now so holding the bar like so we’re going to place it behind the back put one foot forward one foot back almost a lunge light position and we’re going to shake away really working the back of the arms and the postural muscles okay I’d like to set your times to thirty seconds in this circuit we’re going to do the right leg forward and in the next circuit we’re going to do the left leg forward so we do one leg at a time okay J so you get into position Suzy so both hands behind your back coming forward that’s it and you’re going to push away and reach squeeze in here Susan use to back your arms okay guys thirty Seconds let’s go keep nice and upright seized lift your head up a little there you go so we going up excellent that’s it fit attention the back of the arms guys you’re Jason nice and slow just keep tipping over can’t go or if you lose control it all happens and walk would move with this one to keep the head up as much as you can get Suzy okay guys just ten seconds left now that’s it holding it there and relax fantastic word on everyone good job and on jasiu fantastic it’s going to take you through another movement so we’re going to use the palms facing the seedings this time like so we’re going to bend the knees bow slightly forward and flex from here just keep nice and relaxed and lock yourself in that position okay again you’d like to set your time to 30 seconds I’m going to go from there okay J suspender knees slightly and then we’re gonna flex your neck and really feel that in your lat society of muscles guys also your biceps as well not to mention your glutes okay nice and steady good movement they have to shake excessively fast in this one guys take it nice and steady really it is cool muscles firing as well are you feeling that one says yes yes yeah robust you feel that in my arms then in the arms yeah brilliant in the gun region yeah okay guys five seconds left know everyone and relax fantastic could work I’m going to integrate this into a squat movement which is like so so coming down as we come up I’m going to raise the bar and come up onto our toes hold momentarily really working those calf muscles coming back down back up little hold nice slow and controlled we’re even in on the way down and out on the way up okay we’re gonna go for ten repetitions of this movement guys all right J yeah so wait fruity Hills as you go down as you come up transfer your weight to your toes to the front little hole come down transfer the weight to the heels as you come up transfer the weight to the front you feel that in your calves as you stand up when I go up onto the toes lovely that’s it looking good okay how’s this for you Sue’s get sit nice and controlled as you come up hold in that position coming down get your really working the shoulders as well guys mr.

O’Donnell’s our work and as you bend down the leg muscles see the calf’s as well kid you raise those arms guys really get the front of the shoulder working when you come down relax good good job everyone go back to the first one so for this time we’re going to step forward the left foot and the opposite foot sort use the first time whichever one it was and come back and I’m going to flex away okay like to set your times to 30 seconds hey you guys okay so stepping forward with the opposite foot which you use the last time you use the left is the right or vice versa get that’s it hands together guys shoulders back and then we’re going to flex away and really fill out the arm and also the muscles between the shoulder blades back here shoulders as well good postural exercises one to mention a great toning one through back here arm as well so a flying start at s let’s see if we can maintain that at a full thirty Seconds eh-eh nice and smooth with ten more seconds left everyone excellent hang in there so you can stick your chest out of it for me fantastic and relax good job test it we are going to do an ab crunch which looks like this keeping the bar out in front of you all times so I’m going to roof of the mouth even the crunch up okay go so we don’t sit up like this over the bar here just nice and in-betweens it’s always in your vision keep those arms fully extended throughout this one okay when you go for around ten repetitions is when guys all right J you good with this so pick a grip with suit shoulder-width apart or so is good and squeezing the ABS I’m going to sit up perfect so there really lift those shoulder blades off the ground that gels doing ahead nice and aligned with your spines and a head tilt back forward yeah James come as far as you can little squeeze at the top good job it says as the tummy muscles yep working good stuff that’s it go for ten okay lovely brilliant well done good job and tastic everyone I’m going to go into this movement here so hands together knees slightly bent we’re going to bow forward and they’re going to shake down like in the back of the arms chest and the lats eyes the back okay guys you like to set your times to 30 seconds and grab yours alright so hands touching together bend your knees for me bow slightly forward and if you’re missing your chest back of the arms the size of the boat okay let’s go X that’s it guys you want to kind of try to anchor yourself in that position net really work the back of the arms of this movement good quality moving this one guys X and J keeping him River it’s good I smoked just yet got 10 seconds left everyone tastic and 5 seconds left – few more shakes and relax good work series J fantastic well done everyone that was good so if you’d like to go into a lunge position we’re then going to put our palm facing the ceiling slaps down a little bit into the lunge position and we’re going to flex outward so real good movement is one guys – rotator cuff muscles they’re the muscles will hold your shoulder in place good postural muscles ok all right J so again guys for 30 seconds push outward in this motion here sink down a little bit into the lunge and from there so J just take it nice and steady as you get into it ok get there you go fantastic alright see ya ok so the half way through guys get a that’s it hold in that position fantastic and relax good job okay guys have to reset your times to thirty seconds we go back over to the other side you ready to sew left foot forward sink down onto your toes arm up just a touch and flexing from there come on Suze okay draw your bellybutton in slightly help support and stabilize your core and a ball hopefully behave yourself a little more get excellent Jake and come a little bit more upright guys if your legs are starting to burnish they are is although so you want to get more of a leg workout consent lower down into this I have five seconds left everyone okay and everyone relax good job Jay Sue’s and tastic and we’re going to go into this position here we’re gonna work the chest the back and the back of the arms slight bend in the knee and shaking forward let’s say okay okay grab your bars guys all right so if you set our clocks to 30 seconds so slight bend your knee arms forward nice and a nine elbow should be an omen to shoulder it’s going to flex from here those you want to get a bit more of a leg workout into this you can just drop down into a squat position like so if you want to emphasize more on the upper body you can stay in the upright position and shake as hard as you can kids stuff okay guys 10 seconds left excellencies keep it going your head as still as you can five more seconds and everyone relax good job and test it keeping with the bar guys we’re going to go into a lunge stance so one foot forward onto your back toes and your back foot and you’re going to come out into this position and shake to there just show you this to the side as well so one foot forward knees over the toes onto the back foot and shaking it like so okay all right let’s get flexing Oh fill in the danger zone here all right guys to 30 seconds it’s a flex off are you ready go mm-hmm excellent again if you want to get those leg muscles and glutes work you can sink down a little bit lower yeah it’s a real good movement guys this form for the back the biceps also the core muscles are working very hard as well as a rock level and obviously the legs as well a lower body it’s really kind of encompassed in all of the muscles and ten seconds left you win in the Flex office’s know these songs over take you five more seconds keep going come on everyone and stop Kiki Kiki okay all right round two says how do you feel going into this one better handling all right see how we are doing okay guys two sets of 30 seconds and into the lunge let’s go fakes away and a meet in the middle I’ll be the uber timing that’s its hold in that position there good since 30 J the legs are starting to go a little bit guys you can come up gently that’s ten more seconds left come on Suzy a few more seconds hang in there James is good five more seconds left everyone seen them out every flex counts and relax brilliant Oh done good job okay so holding bar like so we’re going to perform a crunch and hold and then flex from this position here their guys are keeping that planar motion it should bar to be flexing in and out this way okay so if you like to set your times when you go for 30 seconds of this exercise we’re gonna see smoke coming out of still AJ I’ll try okay so hands touching you slightly sit up get a shoulder blade off before guys it’s the key point of the movement we want those abs contracted okay nice and steady that’s it build momentum get remember guys keep that toe in a roof of the mouth we really need these neck muscles to switch on to support stabilize your upper neck yeah AJ good job is it behaving Susan what was ten seconds every time I come over here to check out the form it seems to a little bit loopy five more seconds that’s good keep it going and relax water good job right on everyone tastic okay guys keep with the Bott she can add a bit more on to that movement we’re going to work the obliques we’re going to put a twist into the movement so as before and come up into this position and then we’re going to twist slightly keeping the bars pfaff the floor as you can in this position we’re going to flex from here and shine it from the other side coming up twisting hold in this position okay grab your boss give it a go so we’re gonna be 30 seconds one side guys little breather and in 30 seconds the other naturally if you feel it you can pause and take as long as you wish we’ll still be going okay you’re right so time to the crunch Swiss frowns keeping your legs a little more forward that’s it raise the arm slightly and it’s go from there suit fit okay get I talk to you too much it’s not the easiest position to converse with someone from give guys know that in the Upstate yeah that’s great hang in there go ahead keep the conversation to a minimum during this one ten more seconds left everyone keep shaking aways is good we fill that in the ABS and three two one you please so now you can all relax here yeah so now’s the time if you want to pause the tapes take a bit of a breather before we go on to the other side those you’re ready now continue with us okay Jake so crunch it up turn it to the side exactly the same again that’s good okay something roof the mouth shake it away that’s it guys she’s trying to sit up and twist as much as we can just try to get as high off the floor as you can appreciate as time goes on you’re going to be wondering go lower and lower do try and continue to shape up keep those muscles working so much as we can as shown by Suzy lovely that’s that good cease keep it going ten more seconds left that’s it come up so far as you can and once there sees five more seconds left every one and three two one and relax and test it good job today guys I’ll see you in a stretching area

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