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Aquela 8.0 Super Saturated Hydrogen Water

Best Hydrogen Water Bottle UK

Hi, my name is Emily and today I’m going to have fun demonstrating how to prepare Equella 8.0 super-saturated hydrogen water but first why Equella 8.0 – Equela 8.0 generates pure hydrogen gas that does not affect the ph of the original water. Best hydrogen water bottle UK

Number two this 500 ml pet bottle contains 10 times more hydrogen than a can or pouch of popular hydrogen water products and number three the predecessor of Equela 8.0 Equela 7.0 was used in three major clinical and human studies in japan. Best hydrogen water bottle UK

So how does it work firstly I would recommend using water that isn’t fizzy warm or above 40 degrees celsius or tap water with a high chlorine content you can use filtered water but bottled still water is best and that’s what I’m going to use today? But you need to make sure that your bottle is completely full with no gaps and that’s really really important to fill the bottle right to the top like so and if it does spill that’s absolutely fine. Best hydrogen water bottle UK

Then we’re gonna take the Equela 8.0 aluminum pack pinch the top and shake it so that the sachet is right down at the bottom once you’ve done that you’re simply going to tear the packet you’re going to remove the sachet and put that into the water.

Then take the lid and secure it down now leave the bottle upright at room temperature for 24 to 48 hours this amazing little sachet absorbs water and releases nothing but pure hydrogen gas this is the only product in the world that does this.

This is the bottle I set yesterday can you see the empty space at the top the whole bottle is filled with hydrogen gas and it’s hard to squeeze so before opening holds the bottle in the middle and gently shake for 15 to 30 seconds.

Now we are ready to open wow look at the bubbles the water is completely saturated with hydrogen remove the sachet and now we’re ready to drink and a bonus kitchen secret for iced coffee take half a glass of ice a shot of espresso and a bottle of Equela 8.0 super-saturated hydrogen water and simply mix them together. Best hydrogen water bottle UK

That’s really good much milder and smoother than regular iced coffee you can also make iced black tea and ice berry juice in the same way and a final tip pours the water gently and stirs gently so that you don’t waste any of the precious hydrogens that we’ve made thanks for watching for more information visit Best hydrogen water bottle UK

Aquela 8.0 Super Saturated Hydrogen Water


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Best Hydrogen Water Bottle UK

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