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Tony Horton Live: What results can I expect with P90X3?

what I do people expect ridiculous results well you know nothing about it a physic we had a test group and and they were sort of fitness neophytes these were not there were a couple of them that were formerly in shape younger and younger days but they got married and had kids in that job and they got big and they they were scared and they walked in trembling and but they liked the idea that it was a half an hour I think the reason why we had such a great response in our test group is because okay these workouts are 30 minutes done right so I can swallow that Jack a little pill and now when I say this out loud it almost seems impossible but you’re here to verify and we have of course all the numbers everybody but one right yep every how many people in the test group forty fourth or four is zero so 39 out of 40 people lost 10:10 body-fat point percent we have a 10% of their body fat 10% body fat so for example one individual is at 22 percent body fat when they were done and they had 12 from 22 to 12 in 90 days working out at half an hour pop now of course there’s there’s a food component there and the neat thing about p90x3 also is is that we’ve gotten back to sort of our original it’s a more sophisticated than this but our original power 90 concept you know power 90 meets use ladder right knees letter so eat healthy food don’t eat crap and we don’t get to we don’t get to call you simple we don’t get too caught up in portion sizes and whatnot but you know the science is shown and there’s a great guy covert Bailey in Google and he’s not around anymore but he was phenomenal and he really showed and I’m a big believer in this too and it’s gotten so complicated you know I mean not the next x2 wasn’t great because it worked for people who did it who followed it right so the idea here also is to try to keep it simple eat like I eat really healthy food most of the time you’re going to get really ripped and linked these types of things happen to your arms oh and that’s my baby arm still you can do it come on you can do it ketchup um so uh sorry head him on with it I’m like saggy it what the hell app um the baby bye since the baby the baby and Mama it’s like the mama moose and the baby moose I had these in my backyard last year Shanna knows she was there she saw him and that’s the unique thing about p90 the results are really off the chain you know you think about 10% body fat loss that since that’s incorrect if people don’t know the average under like a clinical trial where people are like locked up in an institution right really have to be in a prisoner-of-war camp to go get those kind of absolutely usually it’s 1% a month is considered really really good results so maybe 2% if you’re really really being restricting more pretty amazing well you know partly because we you know what we made sure that the sequences in the workouts were incredibly efficient from from not only throughout the course of a workout but also throughout the course of a week and then week after week after week and I have to say though that when you’re only doing a half an hour there’s a greater sort of a it’s less daunting yes and there’s more of a distance more of a okay I’m gonna get through this thing I mean I know it’s over in 30 minutes it’s over in 30 minutes so I noticed that people would do a couple extra reps more than they would normally because they weren’t they weren’t saving themselves for the second half an hour right they were just saying okay I’m gonna do a few more wraps and go a little bit deeper my range of motion I’m going to turn a little bit more when I throw this punch or this elbow when I do it you know when I do a sprawl I’m going to get down pop up on the floor as quickly as possible and and what I’m also noticed I think with our test group is is that not only did their their willingness to push a little harder improve but also their their desire to do things the hell’s going on over there man what are you doing um I’m sort of somebody with gas on the other side of it to Cameron or what’s happening or he’s really around the stability or that or rolling honest a bit but I had its I had to bust him love all the people where people were more likely willing to make sure they were doing the things properly they figure if they were going to push a little jogger they wanted to make sure that they were picking the right weight making sure that knee was over there nickel in the lunge throwing that throwing the martial arts moves properly it’s easier to commit to something that’s shorter than to commit to something that’s longer and like with p90x by marriage then it’s a marriage yeah you


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